Automatic Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump

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Automatic Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump   

Now PUMP ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - No more manual pumping, use our electric Handsfree breast pump by maternity cafe to maintain or increase your milk supply, relieve engorged breasts, and plugged milk ducts, or pull out flat or inverted nipples so a nursing baby can latch on more easily.

Our smallest, lightest, and quietest wearable breast pump makes it possible to pump on your own terms - at home, at work, or on the go. Ditch the hours spent hidden in cupboards, tethered to a wall or cleaning tubes.

With our Smart handsfree breastfeeding Pump, you can lead the meeting, get outside, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet... all while you pump.

How does breast pump help?

  • Supports you in starting, growing, and maintaining a sufficient milk supply.
  • When direct nursing isn't possible, this keeps your milk supply going.
  • It's especially mild on the delicate breast tissue.
  • Brings out nipples that are flat or inverted.
  • Pumping more milk in less time saves time.
  • The mechanism is simple to operate and pleasingly silent.
  • When direct nursing isn't possible, this keeps your milk supply going.
  • It's easy to use.

  • SILENT: Revolutionary technology eliminates noise so that you can pump in peace - anytime, anywhere. 
  • WEARABLE: Small and lightweight, This breast Pump is worn inside a standard nursing bra, making it truly hands-free. 
  • HASSLE-FREE: From setup to clean up, using our breastfeeding pump is simple - it has just 5 parts to clean and takes seconds to assemble. No cords, no wardrobe changes, no fuss.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Small and light, it is easy to store and carry when going out. 

  • 100% SAFE: All breast pump parts are made from food-grade silicone PP (BPA FREE) and without harmful substances. No worry about potential chemicals leeching into mom's breast milk. So you can rest assured that breast milk will be 100% safe for your baby to consume.

  • USB RECHARGEABLE: With this rechargeable breast pump, you can charge it easily by power bank, computer, or another device anywhere you want.

  • ANTI-FLOW DESIGN: The milk in the bottle will not flow back to the host to avoid secondary pollution, suction mouth, and silicone cylinder.

  • SMART: Auto shuts off in 30 Minutes.
  • COMFORTABLE: The best choice for mothers, smooth, trouble-free, safe, comfortable, and healthy sucking. Does not contain harmful substances.

      Product Dimension

      Battery capacity: 1200mAh
      Product size: host 8CM X 5.5CM X 6CM container maximum diameter 11CM

      Package Content:
      1 set breast pump

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