Small Quiet Portable Air Conditioner Unit

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Small Quiet Portable Air Conditioner Unit

Looking for an easy and affordable way to stay nice & cool during those hot, sticky days? Our portable air conditioner was designed to provide quick and long-lasting cooling by turning water into clean, cool air.

Equipped with high-tech technology, this portable ac cools most small rooms in a matter of seconds! The portable ac unit is operated by a USB cable and can be used no matter where you are.

Best part of all, this personal air conditioner is fully portable! Take it from one room to the next to keep things cool and enjoy the fresh, minty air! Simply fill the small portable air conditioner's tank up with water, connect to a power socket, and let this portable room air conditioner cool you down.


HIGH TECH WITH 3-IN-1 COOLING - Not only does this quiet portable air conditioner cool things down, but it also humidifies and purifies the air around you! Easy way to eliminate all of the bacteria and make the air safe to breath.

PORTABLE - Due to the small and compact size, the mini portable air conditioner can be carried with you literally everywhere you go! Whether you're working away at the office or binge watching your favorite series, our portable air cooler will keep you cool.

Plus, this mobile air conditioner can be your best friend on your outdoor adventures.

ENERGY EFFICIENT - Forget stressing over the expensive electricity bill or the costly AC units. Our portable air conditioner takes up very little energy (less than 10W) while providing just as much coolness as traditional ACs. Simply add water and keep it running.


1x Portable AC unit

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