Portable Air Conditioner Stand Up AC Unit (Windowless) for Bedroom, Home & Office

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Portable Air Conditioner Stand Up AC Unit Windowless Room Cooler for Bedroom, Home & Office

Do you feel it is getting hot day by day? Look, if you don’t want to spend tons of money on a central cooling system or run up your utility bills and beat the heat, I think you’ll be shocked by what you’re going to read.

This Portable Air Conditioner is not like any other conventional portable air conditioner as it can cool down any room in just under 5-minutes and wipes out the requirement of a central cooling system, saving you from expensive electricity bills, and providing you cool and reviving air everywhere you go with wheels! 

Introducing Portable Air Conditioner Indoor Room Cooler Stand Up AC Unit Windowless on the wheel, This inside air conditioner is the best indoor room air conditioner that gives refreshing cool air to rooms, bedrooms, or to places where it goes with. Our Portable Air Conditioner Cooling AC unit must be your ideal choice for your home.

Now you can have your personal in-room air conditioner with this multifunctional air cooler. It blows the cool wind, keeps your skin moist, and supplies fresh reviving air while saving your money. 


Whether you’re searching for a windowless air conditioner or a personal air conditioner when you travel, our indoor room ac unit will be the ideal choice for your home or office. As our portable air conditioner works without a vent, therefore it requires no window at all, making it a perfect fit for small or large rooms. The smooth-gliding wheels provide easy mobility to take it from room to room, allowing you to operate its features across the rooms.

This Portable Air Conditioner Stand Up AC Unit saves up money and requires no maintenance costs as it doesn’t need permanent installation, unlike the fixed air conditioner unit. Our aircon portable unit uses an average of up to 73% lesser electricity current than a conventional AC. 

This portable air conditioner on wheels is simply the best portable ac unit with the feel of arctic air for your hottest summer days. This portable floor ac unit will help you survive the hottest, blazing days, and be your go-to cooling solution that is powered by any USB device.

This Windowless Portable Air Conditioner on wheels is ideal for home or office or anywhere else where you need constant cool air to keep you refreshed and relaxed. The Indoor room Windowless Portable Air will be your best personal air conditioner that blows cool, fresh air and effortlessly humidifies and purifies the air around you.

This Portable Air Conditioner Stand Up AC is versatile whereby it can be used as a fan or Cooler. It’s a powerful fan that’s so quiet it even comes with a silent setting to let sleeping babies lie.



This ac unit will be your best portable air conditioner system as it has the ability to blow out cold air which will give you a feeling of arctic air keeping you relaxed in this hot summer. Think of it as an in-room AC unit on wheels, easy to carry that will make people envy in despair as they are sweating from the hot summer days.

EASY TO MOVE – As this lightweight air cooler is compact and has built-in wheels it can move easily to any room of your home or office without any hassle, unlike the fixed air conditioner.

ENERGY EFFICIENT – Unlike conventional indoor ac units, our In-room Portable Air Conditioner which is windowless on wheels blows the coolest air by utilizing less than 10W of electric power. It is a modest versatile Portable Air Conditioner Indoor AC Unit that carries out the responsibility in your room, bedroom, office, and so on.

TIMING FUNCTION-  This ultra-quiet AC cooler can turn on and off automatically by using the timing function which lets you enjoy a comfy sleep all night.

FLEXIBLE SWING MODE- The swing mode works exactly like conventional AC, this feature makes the whole room cool by evenly distributing the surrounding air.

HOW IT WORKS – Our Portable Air Conditioner doesn’t have to be vented, meaning it doesn’t require a window for installation. Simply pour water (the cooler the better) into the portable Air Cooler Indoor AC Unit and enjoy the breeze of the pleasant cold air from the AC unit.


  • Cooling/Heating: Cooling Only
  • Indoor Machine Noise: <23dB
  • Use: ROOM
  • Power (W): Other
  • Grade: Grade 1
  • Air conditioning power: 1HP
  • Voltage (V): 110-120V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Timer: 0-8 Hours
  • Condition: New
  • Is Electric Heating: No
  • Power Source: Electrical
  • Power Type: AC
  • External Noise (dB(A): 57
  • Technique: Fixed Frequency
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: UL
  • Car refrigerator Type: Refrigerating
  • Type: Floor Standing Air Conditioners
  • Feature: Save Energy
  • Refrigerating Capacity (W): 23000W


  • 1x Air Cooler AC Unit
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Manual Guide Book

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