Outdoor Playhouse Tent

Color: Pink
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Outdoor Playhouse Princess tent house

This full-size Princess Tent House is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This house is actually suitable for children to enter and stay or play in. 

Every child's dream comes true at this cottage. Put this in your child's room right now, or bring it with you on fun picnics. 

 How do play Tents help your Child?

  • This play tent will keep your toddler entertained for hours. Set it up in the backyard, and the kids will have a secret hideaway. It's ideal for encouraging children to engage in play, adventure, and enjoyment. 
  • Encourages imaginative and creative play - This playhouse will spark their imagination. It'll help your youngster develop social skills and bring out his or her creative side, which could lead to a future performing career!
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor - This kids’ playhouse is incomparably versatile. Apart from placing it in your house, you can also effortlessly set it up in your backyard, your garden, or any other outdoor space. This is one of the best outdoor play equipment.
  • comes with a silk pad inside, for providing a soft base to sit and relax

    Features & Size  

    •  Folds away compact for easy storage.
    • Material: Polyester+Plastic

    • Size:App 140*135cm (D*H)

    • Quick Setup

    • Very Durable Support Rods for Stability -Flame-resistant & Water Repellent Materials
    • Cleans easily

     When setting it up, it must be under the adult’s supervision and guidance.

    How to install:

    1. Use the C tube and F Connector to make a hexagon.

    2. Use the A Tube to inset into the F connector.

    3. Use the E Connector to connect the A tube.

    4. Connect the 6 C tubes to the E connector to make a hexagon.

    5. Use the D connector to connect the B tubes.

    6. And then insert the B tubes to the F connector and G connector., then knot the ends of the elastic inside the poles.

     What's in the Box   

    1 x Pink Princess Castle Play House


    (Need to install it by yourself.


    1 x Cute Playhouse Fabric

    1pc x G Connector

    6pcs x E Connector

    6pcs x D Connector

    6pcs x F Connector

    6pcs x A Tubes

    12pcs x B Tubes

    12pcs x C Tubes)