Nursing Cover for breastfeeding moms

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Adjustable Nursing covers for breastfeeding moms

Now feel more secure and comfortable while breastfeeding your baby in public with our adjustable nursing cover for moms. Made with 100%cotton, our multipurpose Nursing scarf has an adjustable strap and a band at the top so you can peek in and see the baby while Nursing; that gives you a great bonding time. 

one of the most important breastfeeding accessories for new moms.


The nursing cover creates a soft canopy that is a secure place for the baby to feel relaxed and feel at ease.
It Helps babies nurse better since it allows the baby to not get distracted by the sight and noises around.
can be used as a mattress, cart covers, windproof, cart cover, and nursing cover.
Key Features
  • Breathable cotton fabric.
  • Easy to fold and carry anywhere.
  • Easily washable cloth.
  • Made with organic cotton to allow babies to breathe comfortably.
  • Height adjustable strap for better comfort. 
  • Convenient to use & carry.

Package Includes

1*nursing covers