Moon Lamp cool mist Humidifier

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 Moon Lamp cool Mist Humidifier 

Do you know that dry air in your home can harm your health by creating breathing problems, coughing, and dry skin, among other things?

Do you want to freshen up the dry air in your home?

Our lamp & Humidifier benefits you by providing better breathing and thus limiting these disorders. this cool mist humidifier is ideal for diffusing aroma and essential oils for up to 10 hours continuously in the bedroom, yoga room, prayer room, office cabins, meeting rooms, clinics, hotel receptions, small boutiques, and showrooms up to 150 to 200 sq feet in size.

best humidifier for bedroom with bedside night lamp.

How does the humidifier benefit you?

  • It helps relief from cold and congestion,
  • Humidifier relief from headache and low energy, as well reenergizing and generating an overall feeling of well-being.
  • The humidifying mist from the aroma diffuser is also very beneficial for dry skin, cracked lips, allergies, and sinuses, providing a restful night's sleep and relief during the day.
  • The product uses ultrasonic vibrations to convert water and oil into a fine mist. This makes the product ideal for aromatherapy as it keeps the molecular structure of the essential oils intact while diffusing the oils widely in the air.


Whisper Quiet: Producing less than 30dB. You will not hear the sound of its operation.

Adjustable Mist Density: The humidifying mist from the diffuser will help you bid adieu to skin problems due to harsh weather, soaps, detergents, hot bath, and other problems. Enjoy the utmost care of your skin with its adjustable mist feature.

Auto Shut Off Function: Automatically power off after 10 hours of continuous spraying, and automatically power off after intermittent spraying for 20 hours.
Product size: 138*138*105m

2 in 1 Diffuser & Humidifier: Use it as a humidifier or as an aroma diffuser by adding a few drops of fragrance/ essential oil of your choice.

Water tank capacity: 880ML Spray duration: 25-35 hours.

Material: Made from top-quality PVC/PP.

Colour Changing feature: each time you touch the moon lamp, it converts the light color, white-yellow-warm white-off.

Instructions for use
Spray operation: Turn on the power, touch the metal head of the spray switch, turn on the continuous spray mode (the blue indicator light is on during the spray operation), touch again, turn on the intermittent spray mode, (spray for 3 seconds), touch again to turn off the spray work. (End of the spray work blue light is off). This cycle operates.
Night light operation: Night light operation: touch the night light control switch metalhead, control and adjust the light, each time the touch converts the light color, white-yellow-warm white-off, and then cycle. At the same time, press the gold metal head to adjust the brightness of the light (long press to lighten, release and then press and darken).

package includes

1*Moon lamp mist humidifier + USB cable.