Christmas Wreaths For Door Decor

Color: Floral wreath
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Hand-made Christmas Wreaths 

Looking for Christmas wreaths that are rustic, elegant, and inviting to display on your front door this holiday season? You just got the perfect wreath for Holiday Decor.

Christmas wreaths are a must-have for holiday decor because they're one of the first things your guests, family, and you see when you walk in the door. That's why getting a wreath that truly puts you in the holiday spirit is so Important.


  • High Quality-This Christmas wreath is made from high-quality Plastic. Intricately designed with the best materials.
  • Battery-operated wreath with Led lights.
  • Handcrafted with the best Materials.
  • One-of-a-kind wreath, let your Christmas Door Decor look the best and most outstanding.
  • Size: 30Cm.

This holiday Door Decoration will look amazing on your door or on your wall! This Wreath will be a perfect gift for someone or a special treat to yourself! Just imagine how many of your guests will be in awe of this wreath.

Package Includes

1* Christmas wreath